Cantilever Sliding Gates

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Cantilever sliding gates are designed to slide above the ground, opposed to bottom tracked gates that run on a steel rail in the ground. This means that the opening does not need to be exactly level and does not cause disruption to traffic on instillation. This works by installing heavy duty carriages to a precast concrete base then welding a specially designed channel to the underneath of the gate which guides the gate across the road. Adopting this method means its impossible to derail the gate, making it more secure.

The installation of the cantilever gate causes little site disruption, the base is prepared to one side of the road way and once the cabling is installed the gate is delivered direct from the factory assembled and tested. From arrival the gate can be up and working in as little as four hours. Gates are measured to suit the site specific opening and can be up to 3m high and 10m long, to help match up to any existing fencing on site. Or new fencing can be purchased to match the gates preferred dimensions. A site civil/ducting drawing would be issued on receipt of an official order, showing the exact requirements for the system. All gates and posts are hot dipped galvanised with the option for powder coating (any Ral colour).

The gate is controlled by a microprocessor control board housed within an IP rated enclosure complete with isolation in accordance with regulations. With self-diagnostic and statistical functions through the on-board display it makes it easy to programme and maintain. The technology of this product along with all products from Hi-Tec Controls has been field tried and tested, ensuring a long and reliable, problem free life span.

Features at a glance

  • Can suit an opening up to 11m (HD).
  • Heights up to 3m
  • 358 mesh, palisade, tube and wood effect infill options.
  • Anti-climb installed on top rail (only on Gates over 2m high)
  • Can be manually overridden.
  • Battery back-up systems available.
  • Fully compliant and safe.
  • CE plated.
  • IP and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Any access control can be integrated.

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