Intratone Access

Intratone is a French manufacturer of web based access control systems. Developed for mutli occupency sites, it works using a GSM modem. Using a secure website, trained users can access the system and view events, add tokens and telephone numbers.

The controllers we fit have the option for radio remotes, dialed access (so your phone can be used as your remote) and back lit keypads.

Radio remotes, each remote has its own serial code and this code has to be programmed using the website. This makes it more secure, and very hard for the remotes to be cloned.

Dialled access, your phone number is programmed into the unit. So you can ring the number anywhere in the world to open your gate/barrier.

Keypad, you can have up to 50 codes, each code can be programmed to only work during certain days/times. The codes can be changed from anywhere, using the web portal. Meaning codes can be changed without going to site and be re-uploaded in 20 minutes.

The controllers also benifet from having un-limited data for the 1st 10 years of service, no monthly charges.

Product Features

Product Specification

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