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Bi-Folding Gates

Product Features

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Product Overview

A Bi-Fold trackless gate typically opens at twice the speed of a tradition swing gate of the same size. This ensures fast traffic flow while maintaining the security of the site. The Speed Gates utilises a PLC control logic and inverter driven 3 phase motor/gearbox with direct drive shaft, connected to the gate leaf. This ensures a smooth and positive gate movement. These gates are rated to 100% duty cycle i.e. continuous operation, ideal for emergency service entrances.

The gate leaf is manufactured using a RHS steel frame with various infill’s available to match customers’ requirements. The leaves are hung using fully adjustable self lubricating hinges, pre-welded to heavy duty 200 x 200 x 10 posts. Because the gates are manufactured in house they can be fully set up and tested prior to delivery to site.

The HTC Bi-Fold Gate is compatible with most access control systems, card access control options, including keypads, proximity cards, push buttons, inductive loops and remote control.

Single leaf gates can control a maximum 4m.

Double leaf gates can control a maximum opening of 10m.

Product Specification

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