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Cantilever Sliding Gates

Product Features

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Product Overview

These are our most popular type of commerical gate system. The gate system does not require any track in the roadway, instead they hover above the ground. This is achieved by using cantilever carriages, which are spaced at different dimensions to suit the opening.

We have two different types of systems, our HD aluminium range and our steel range.

Both types of systems come with 100% rated heavy duty motors (unless it is for a residential application) and are fully compliant with all required safety devices.

The HD range can secure opening between 4-10m in a single gate, and come with the option of 358 mesh, palisade, tubular infill. The gate is made from high quality aluminium and is two pack expoxy coated prior to installation.

The LW range can secure openings between 4-6m in a single gate, and come with the same infill options (as the HD) and also aluminium boards, composite and wood infill.

Cantilever gates, require more runback to open. After a detailed survey and a weight calculation this can be confirmed exactly, but a rough guide is 30% of the opening plus a 1 meter. So a 5m gate requires a 7.5m runback.

Product Specification

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