HTC Slim Lane

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The HTC Slim lane entrance system offers a high bidirectional throughput and uncompromising security, with its transparent, elegant design and minimal footprint, it is designed to integrate perfectly into any architectural style. The glass leaves can come in either 900mm, 1200mm, 1700mm heights.

Equipped with high processing capacity and an exclusive detection system, it guarantees accurate user tracking and prevents any unauthorised use. Each lanes has 32 sets of photocells to ‘follow’ users through the lanes. They can be connected into the fire alarm system so they automatically open upon receiving a signal.

Local alarms are built into the units to make users aware of any attempted tailgating, forcing the lanes and un-authorized access. These can be altered onsite setup and even turned off.

The Slim Lane is a modular product that can be installed as a single or a multi-lane array. We can also integrate a extra wide lane for DDA access and fire occupancy regulations.

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