Pedestrian Interlock Barrier System

We were asked by a client in Manchester for a pedestrian and vehicular interlocking system. The system comprises of one automatic barrier to the entrance of a roller shutter door and 2 interlocking pedestrian gates.

When the barrier is in the lowered position the pedestrian access gates unlock so the pedestrian traffic is free to cross the opening safely. When the shutter and barrier are raised this means the loading bay is taking deliveries and its not safe for the pedestrians to cross. So the pedestrian gates remain locked.

When the operative has taken the delivery, they lower the roller shutter. Which gives the automatic barrier a lower signal, when closed the pedestrian gates then release so the pedestrians are able to use the walk way again.

The gates have gas assisted closes to ensure they are closed at all times. The traffic control barrier has a safety edge strip and pedestrian photocell beams.


Traffic control barrier, pedestrian gate interlock

Published On: February 13th, 2018