Pedestrian Entrance Lanes

We have recently installed a two lane system at a prestigious site in the Cumbria region. The bi-directional lanes operate in an impressive 2/3 seconds to fully open. Using the built in 36 sets of photocells, the unit knows exactly where the authorized person is in the lane. This helps prevent un-authorized access or tailgating. If someone is stood at the entrance for a pre-set time, an audible alarm will go off. This can be changed to suit each site and also be programmed to give your intruder alarm a signal.

Using the most up-to-date technologies the units can control up to 400 movements an hour. On the event of a power cut the lanes can be setup to be pushed open for easy access.  The lanes can also be connected up to the fire alarm so they automatically open.

This particular system has been clamped to the elevated flooring system, which means the lanes were installed, wired and working in 10 hours from arriving on site.

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Published On: May 11th, 2015