Manual Rising Barrier

Product Information

Manual rising barrier are designed to control vehicular movements on site or secure car parks out of hours. The barriers are fitted with weights to ensure one person can operate the barrier safely without harm. The body of the barrier is made out of good quality steel box section, fully welded to a 20mm thick baseplate.

Openings of up to 10m can be achieved with a single barrier. Barriers can be configured so two barriers can control a single opening.

We offer a wide range of colours for the barrier housings, with stop and no-entry signs fixed to the barrier arms. Barrier arms can be locked in both the fully lowered and fully raised positions.

For them to be compliant they are designed to break away when over excessive stress is applied to the barrier arm.

Features at a glance

  • Single barriers up to 10m
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Stop and no-entry signs
  • Designed to be fixed down to a pre-cast concrete base or roadway.

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