Access Controls

Standalone Access

The Standalone Access system is the simplest way to protect your business, staff and site. It uses a token entry system (cards and fobs instead of keys) this reduces the expense of having replacement keys cut and or having locks changed when keys are lost. When a card or fob is lost due to the shadow card system; which when used will make the lost card invalid, therefore if someone was to try to gain access to the building with this card they wouldn’t be able to do so. The system is simply wired into the door and there is no need for extra software or a PC network, this makes the Standalone very low maintenance.

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PC Based Access

This easy to use PC Based Access control system is perfect for any size of site; from small sites looking to provide minimal security, to larger sites looking to control various parts of access control at different times and provide maximum security to its staff and assets. The program can be installed on unlimited numbers of devices and adding new users and managing reports is so simple no specialist technical knowledge is required. With features such as Emergency Lockdown, Intruder Alarm Zoning and Anti-Pass Back this system really does offer total security.

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 IP Intercom Systems

IP intercoms, more common in commercial/industrial applications. These intercom units connect into an existing IP network. They can be programmed to ring special dedicated desk stations, or be integrated into your existing phone system. Advantages are:

  • No ongoing costs.
  • Different phones/desk stations can be rung at certain times of the day.
  • Requires little wiring.
  • If your IP network is compatible calls can be answered off site remotely.
  • Easily integrated into access control systems.
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GSM Intercom Systems

GSM intercoms are ideal for applications where the distance from the entrance to the handset is far away. The main advantages of GSM intercoms are-

  • Can be programmed to ring all the phones in the house.
  • Un-answered calls can be diverted up to three numbers, some systems up to ten.
  • A built in time clock can prevent nuisance calls at night or early in the morning.
  • Built in GSM remote, authorised calls can open the gate/barrier.
  • Optional keypad for regular access.
  • Special units can have up to 1000 call buttons, making them cost effective for communal applications.
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WIRELESS Intercom Systems

If the gate or barrier system is within 50-60m from the property we can also provide a wireless audio and wireless audio video intercom. The external intercom is programmed to ring a dedicated handset inside the building. This is ideal for applications that do not require ‘offsite access’ and do not have correct cabling from the gates to the house.

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GSM Dialler

The GSM Dialler operates your gates and automatic door systems via you mobile phone. With the action of making a phone call or using one of the downloadable smart phone apps your access control systems can be controlled by certain users and during restricted times to ensure maximum security. The phone calls are non-chargeable by your provider as the GSM device rejects the call and just uses it as a signal to open the system.

Radio Remote Systems

Radio remotes are hand held controls that are programmed to open gates/barriers from the safety and comfort of your vehicle. This is done by pressing a button from a 10-20m range of the equipment. The remotes can be stand alone or programmed via a PC. Existing remotes can easily be removed and new remotes added.

We can also provide a system from Intratone, which works using a GSM network. Which enables a web portal to be used to add, delete and view remotes and proximity tokens. From the software you can also change codes remotely.

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